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Welcome to the official web site for the Tailgaters Fantasy Football League. Founded in 1995, this league was originally made up of ten friends who worked for bigg's Hypermarkets. The league soon expanded to twelve teams for the 1996 season. For five seasons, the bigg's Fantasy Football League ended in the championship game called the bigg's bowl.

League commissioner David Lamb left bigg's in 1997, and gradually other owners broke ties with the local grocery store chain. With no common bonds between all owners, Lamb named the league after the street he lived on. With new co-workers, the league evolved. The new breed of owners entering the league were more serious about fantasy football, and the overall level of competition increased.

The league operated as the Little Creek FFL for six seasons. Then, after eleven consecutive years, the commish had grown tired (of losing). The league played under a different commissioner in 2006, but all records of that season have been lost. Officially, the league went on hiatus following the 2005 season.

In 2010, Lamb moved on again. His new co-workers were interested in playing fantasy football... many of them for the first time. The prospect of running a league for a bunch of newbies was too much to resist... and if he was running one league, he might as well put the band back together.

In 2010, the league reformed and adopted the name Tailgaters. The league has seen turnover of some more owners since reuniting, but the league is regaining its strength and tradition with each passing season.

This site is the official record book of the Tailgaters Fantasy Football League. Here, you can find league records, team records, results from (almost) every game, results from every season and a complete history of every owner to ever play in the league.

In 2015 I joined GE Aviation. I learned there were folks there who were interested in playing fantasy football. So I started a league at work. That league continued for several years, and I've started using this web page for that league as well. I may eventually add history of that league to the site as well, but the site was never designed for two leagues. So that may be off in the future somewhere.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate the site.

- Scammer