Tailgaters FFL Rules
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Proposed Rule Changes For Next Season
1.Allow trading of draft picks. (must be supported by fantasy service)
Note: This is do-able in ESPN.
2.Make TE eligible for the flex position. (must be supported by fantasy service)
Note: This is do-able in ESPN.
Official TFF Rules
1.Fantasy League Software or Service
 A.This league will use a fantasy football software or service whenever possible.
 B.The service will be configured to match the rules defined below as closely as possible.
 C.Any rules that cannot be configured to match the stated rule exactly will be configured as closely as possible. Final configuration is at the discretion of the commissioner.
 D.Rules configured in the service take precedence over the rules below for the currently active season. The commissioner has the authority to change configuration of the service in the event a discrepancy is discovered.
 E.The service will be FREE whenever possible. If there is a fee for the service, charges will be distributed evenly across all owners and incorporated into the entry fee.
2.Participation in the League
 A.Entry into the TFFL is by invitation of the league commissioner only.
 B.Commissioner has the authority to remove an owner from the league for any reason.
  1.Commissioner will choose at the start of each season who to invite, and participation in the previous season does not guarantee an invitation the following year.
  2.During the season, the commissioner will remove an owner from the league if the owner does not meet the Owner Expectations listed below.
  3.An owner can be removed during the season by being deleted from the service or having any transactions dismissed by the commissioner.
  4.An owner dismissed during the season will NOT be reimbursed for any fees or other payments already made to the league.
 C.Owner Expectations include...
  1.Owners are expected to follow all the rules defined above and below.
  2.Owner are expected to pay all league fee by specified due dates.
  3.Owners are expected to participate in the league draft, or make arrangements to have their team selected if they are absent.
  4.Owners are expected to participate for the entire season. This specifically includes submitting honest starting lineups for every game during the season the owner is scheduled to play.
  5.Owners are not permitted to organize or collude with other owners for the purpose of stacking one team, intentionally losing game(s) or influencing point totals.
 D.In the event an owner is dismissed and cannot be replaced, the commissioner will be responsible for managing the taem according to a predefined set of guidelines.
For example, starting lineup will be based on the projected points for each player
3.Entry Fee
 A.Entry Fee for the TFFL is $25.00
 B.Fees are due by draft night.
 B.There are no transaction fees.
 A.Draft will be held prior to week 1 of tghe NFL season.
 B.Draft date will be set during the preseason, on a night that the maximum number of owners can participate.
 C.League will use a draft application whenever possible.
 C.Draft order will be set randomly prior to the draft night.
 C.Draft rules and procedures include...
  1.16 rounds.
  2.Each owner receives on pick per round.
  3.Each pick has a 90 second time limit, which is only enforced if we use a draft application.
  4.Draft style is "snake", where the order reverses at the start of each round.
  5.Draft picks cannot be traded.
  4.Draft pick mistakes will not be corrected.
For example, if you select a player who is cut, injured, retired, in jail or dead, you will not be allowed to change your pick.
 A.Valid positions are quarterback (QB), running back (RB), wide receiver (WR), tight end (TE), kicker (K), defense/special teams (D)
  1.For QB, RB, WR, TE and K, individual NFL players will fill each roster spot.
  2.For D, NFL defense and special teams are used as fantasy players.
  3.League does not use individual defensive players.
 B.If an NFL players plays more than on position...
  1.League will use whatever rules the service can support, opting for the most flexible configuration available.
  2.If we are not using a service...
   A.Players will only be eligible for one position.
   B.If one of the positions is QB, then the player will only be eligible as a QB.
   C.If the player is not a QB, the commissioner will determine what position the player is eligible for.
   D.If a defensive player is elibible at an offensive position, all stats will count.
This includes for example scoring defensive touchdowns, sacks and turnovers.
 A.Rosters are limited to a minimum of nine players and a maximum of sixteen players.
 B.Each roster must contain enough players at each position to fill out a starting lineup.
 C.There is no maximum number of players that a roster can have at each position.
 D.League does not use a disabled list. Injured players must be kept on the active sixteen man roster, or released.
7.Starting Lineups
 A.Starting linesup consist of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1D and 1 flex position to be filled by a RB or WR.
 B.Deadline to submit lines...
  1.If we are using a service, the service will manage the submission of lineups.
  1.If we are are not using a service, lineup changes must be emailed with a time stamp prior to the kick off of 1PM EST games on Sunday, or prior to the individual players kickoff time if they player earlier than Sunday at 1PM.
  1.If any part of the lineup request is late, the entire request if void.
 C.Lineups carry over from the previous week. If an owner makes no lineup changes, his previous lineup is used without consideration of injuries or byes.
 D.If an owner does not submit a lineup for week one, the commissioner will set that team's lineup based on the order of the draft.
 A.The model scoring system for the league is as follows. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.Position Players
   -Passing TD, 6
   -Rushing TD, 6
   -Receiving TD, 6
   -Passing Yards, .04 per yard (note: ESPN is .2 for every 5 yards)
   -Rushing Yards, .1 per yard
   -Receiving Yards, .1 per yard
   -Passing 2pt Conversion, 2
   -Rushing 2pt Conversion, 2
   -Receiving 2pt Conversion, 2
   -Individual Kick or Punt Return TD, 6
   -Extra Point, 1
   -FG 0-39 yards, 3
   -FG 40-49 yards, 4
   -FG 49+ yards, 5
   -Kickers also receive any points earned for offensive stats
   -0 Points Against, 10
   -1-3 Points Against, 7
   -4-6 Points Against, 6
   -7-9 Points Against, 5
   -10-12 Points Against, 4
   -13-15 Points Against, 3
   -16-18 Points Against, 2
   -19-21 Points Against, 1
   -Sack, 1
   -Fumble Recovery, 2
   -Interception, 2
   -Safety, 2
 B.Official stats are provided by the service. If a service is not used, league commissioner will determine the source of official stats at the start of the season.
 C.If an owner starts a defensive player at an offensive position (player must be eligible for that position), the player will earn any points scored at his offensive position, plus individual points as a defensive player using the defensive points scale. Variations and limitations to this rule will be based on the capabilities of the hosting service.
 A.The player trading rules for the league are as follows. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.Any two or more owners can coordinate a trade.
  2.The trade will be completed using the tools of the hosting service. If no hosting service is used, the trade is completed when all owners participating in the trade of communicated the details of the trade to the league commissioner in writing.
 B.The rules for voiding a trade are as follows. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.The commissioner has the right to veto any trades, regardless of whether a hosting service is used or not.
  2.The commissioner will have three days to veto or reverse a trade.
  3.Only with a hosting service, other owners will have the ability to veto a trade. Three owners must vote to veto the trade for the trade to be nulified.
  4.Owners will have 1 day to veto the trade.
 C.Trading Deadline.
  1.The trading deadline will be the start of the first game in the final week of the fantasy regular season. The date will vary from season to season.
  2.Team that have been mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs are not allowed to trade. When using a hosting service, the commissioner will have to veto these trades.
10.Free Agends
 A.Free Agent Acquisition rules for the league are as follows. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.Any NFL player not on a league roster is considered a free agent.
  2.At the start of each week, all free agents are listed on the waiver wire.
  3.Players will be acquired using the waiver process for the duration of the waiver period(see below).
  4.Once the waiver period ends, Free Agent players can be acquired on a first come first serve basis.
  5.A player is no longer available for acquisition when his NFL game starts each week. If no hosting service is used, the deadline will be 11:59PM the day prior to the players NFL game.
  6.If no hosting service is used, all Free Agent request (waiver and non-waiver) must be submitted to the commissioner in writing.
 B.Waiver Proces. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.At the start of each NFL week, all free agents will be subject to the waiver process.
  2.Fantasy teams will be listed in a waiver selection order. The original order will be the reverse order of the draft.
  3.Fantasy teams will have one day to submit waiver claims. If no service is used, waiver claims must be submitted to the commissioner in writing.
  4.Each time a fantasy team claims a player off the waiver wire, they are moved to the bottom of the waiver list. The waiver list in continuous during the season.
  5.When waivers are processed, the team at the top of the list will be awarded their claim the moved to the bottom of the list. The team will be skipped and left in their waiver position if they either have no claim or their claim cannot be filled.
  6.After all claims have been processed, all unclaimed NFL free agents will be available for immediate acquisition.
  7.All waiver claims must be in line with all league roster rules, or the waiver claim is null and void.
 C.Released Players. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.Any time a player is released from a fantasy team roster, that player goes on the waiver list and all waiver rules apply.
  2.The player will remain on waivers for one day. After one day, the player will be available for immediate pick up.
 D.Immediate Acquisitions. The service will be configured as close to this as possible.
  1.Players no longer on waivers can be acquired on a first come first serve basis. If no hosting service is used, owners must request the player in writing to the commissioner. The commissioner will use the timestamp on the request to determine who requested the player first.